Reduce inventories with our inventory management

Klose Logistikmanagement - Inventory Management

Reduce inventories with our inventory management

With our inventory management we reduce the inventories at all industries strongly and we ensure more inventory transparency in the companies. High stock level ties up valuable capital for the further successful development of the company and hide existing weaknesses in the processes. Therefore, it is more and more important for enterprises to implement a practice-orientated and sustainable inventory management. Our concept of inventory management is a suitable lever to reduce costs as well as for a sustainable and significant improvement of results and performance in companies.

Do you want to review your stock situation, create inventory transparency and reduce the stocks strongly and significantly?

We have (particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises) a practice-orientated inventory management for the examination and optimization of the current stock situation. With it we reduce stocks coupled with adherence of the service level and with the associated customer satisfaction.

We consider the stock situation in your company entirely. Hereby we focus on the reducing of the inventory and the creation of inventory transparency over the whole supply chain. We regard all stock relevant areas holistically under consideration of the management principles. Our inventory management consider the out-of-stock costs with a high level of importance.

We follow the following targets during the project execution

  • Creation of stock transparency
  • Sustainable reduction of the stock while maintaining or increasing the service
  • Integral view of stocks over the entire supply chain
  • Proven inventory management
  • Beneficial effects on return on equity and debit ratio
  • Sustainable company result- and performance improvement
  • Better equity rate

Is the stock transparency important for your company? When you need a tool both to reduce the stocks and to improve the company result, we will be glad to make you a corresponding offer.