Reducing Transport Costs with competence and transparency - Fair to the point

Klose Logistikmanagement - Reducing Transport Costs

Do you want to reduce the Transport Costs? We work on a success-fee basis.

As a specialized and independent consulting company we cover the whole spectrum of all transport modes Air/Land/Sea from the freight revision over the freight cost optimization up to the freight control. Thanks to our knowledge of the market as well as our systematic project management we achieve superior and sustainable savings of the transport costs. We work on a success-fee basis. Therefore, you are only pay fee, if we have reduced the transport costs.

  Freigt Costs Optimization

With our Freight Costs Optimization, we offer you alternative solutions to reduce your transportation costs. We implement the measures together with your staff according your decision. We reduce your transportation costs Air/Land/Sea sustainable and we achieve superior savings.

  Freight Revision

We analyze and review your shipment structures and the corresponding processes. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your transportation area.

  Freight Control

Our Freight Control relieves your departments, ensures a better cost transparency and secures a low freight cost level.

We provide competitive structures and processes in your supply chain with our combination of Freight Revision, Freight Costs Optimization and Freight Control. Our proposed solutions reduce your freight costs strongly and ensure the same or even better service level. Our Freight Experts attach great importance that your project will perform competent, transparent and in line with uniform standards.

Your Advantages

  • Our combination of Freight Revision and Freight Costs Optimization lead to a superior and long-lasting reduction of your freight costs.
  • We reduce your transport costs on a success-fee basis.
  • You are only charged a one-time success-fee, if we have reduced the transport costs.
  • We ensure on all of our alternative solutions a consistent or improved quality of service.
  • We keep the administrative effort for you to an absolute minimum.
  • For the entire duration of the project, you will have one contact person.
  • We accompany you from the implementation phase to successful realization of the project. Furthermore, we support you with our service freight control.

If desired, we will name you the contact person of some companies where we have reduced the freight costs.