We follow International Project Management Association guidelines

Klose Logistikmanagement - Project Management

Project Management

Our project management is based on the guidelines of the International Project Management Association. Klose Logistikmanagement, as your consultant, attach great importance that your project will perform competent, transparent and in line with uniform standards.

If you are looking for consultants who ensure that projects will be performed effectively, efficiently and in line with uniform standards, this is the place to be. If you are looking for a project leader who is able to perform projects in a systematically and structured manner, then we can help you.

We prevent both cost and time overruns and errors with far-reaching consequences. For all our projects - costs, deadlines and performances - are in harmony with their efficacy and efficiency. We have extensive project experiences and the necessary technical and methodological skills to perform projects quickly and professionally.

An overview of our services

Strategic Project Management

  • The preparation of a compendium project management for a cost-effective and standardized project implementation that fulfills all business needs.

Operative Project Management

  • Competence-based Project Management. Application of PM-Technical Skills, PM-Behavioral Competence and PM-Context Skills.
  • Planning of the projects.
  • Supervising the execution of the project and monitoring its development.
  • Coordination of the project team.
  • Project completion with Lesson Learned.