There are many reasons to work with us

Why we?

We realize our principles – 100% quality at a fair price, expertise, strength of implementation, economic efficiency and Reliability – in all our service portfolios. We support our customers all the way from the strategy to the successful implementation. It is our firm commitment that every customer always gets the best possible solution. We implement solutions and left not just presentations. Klose Logistikmanagement stands for a rapid and successful implementation for all projects. Our projects improve transparency with data, figures and facts.


As the owner of Klose Logistikmanagement I am personally responsible for our high quality standards. We realize our philosophy – 100% quality at a fair price - in all our projects.

Klose Logistikmanagement has a good reputation by its customers and excellent references. The longtime and trusting customer relations based on our philosophy – 100% quality at a fair price.


We offer consultancy only to our areas of expertise where we have a high level of competence. Therefore, we have focused ourselves in the areas of logistics and supply chain. In these areas we can look back with pride on over 30 years of experience.

We have expertise in every sector of the logistics industry and know the industry well. We performed many projects with outstanding success.

  Strength of implementation

We do not develop concepts for the drawer. We realize professional and rapid implementations from tried and tested solutions for our customer. Our system is based on the fact that we will get only compensation for our work when the implementation is done. We keep the administrative effort for our customer to an absolute minimum.

  Economic efficiency

We perform our optimization projects on a success-fee basis. Therefore, your company will have the benefit immediately and you will only pay for already achieved savings. We achieve outstanding and sustainable savings through highly skilled project management. We guarantee the highest quality in all our solutions.


We only accept projects which will be led from our owner. Four our owner integrity, reliability and a high degree of confidence is a matter of course. For the entire project from consulting to planning and implementation you will have a personal contact person for all kind of questions.

We are reliable. You can rely on our statements, promises and compliance with agreed time schedules. We keep the schedules in all our projects. We keep our promises and it shall be regarded “An honest man`s word’s as good as his bond”!